Happy Chinese New Year!


Bagi yg merayakan Karen Mok and me wish u:


Berhubung gw besok sibuk keliling ke rumah sodara cari angpao jdnya gw ucapin skrg aja yah…  Hehehe… Hope the year of Ox will bring us prosperity and health!!


Sekalian jg gw mo ucapin:


Kim Jae Joong a.k.a YoungWoong Jae Joong a.k.a Hero merayakan ultahnya yg ke 23 besok! Wah bs samaan ma imlekan… Hehehe…

Message to Kim Jae Joong-ssi:

お誕生日おめでとうございます!Hope the film “Heaven Postman” will be a great hit, healthy always, eat well, and good luck with all ur activity with the group throughout the year of 2009! We’ll be waiting and supporting u guys always! TVXQ Manse!! \(^.^)/

And gw ketemu video yg bagus bgt persembahan fans nya JJ u/ merayakan ultahnya. It’s so beautiful and touching… Dgn diiringi lagu nya Mariah Carey – Hero, and those beautifull words… ah~ it made me cry…


Bagus  kan?! Graphic nya jg ok bgt! Well, with this gw mo cabut. Moga2 dpt angpao yg bny besok! Bwahahaha…. I’ll be back on Tuesday. I hope… ^^

source: Fangirlmitz
pic’s credit: as tagged+Fangirlmitz+CRIEnglish


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