Teasers Everyone?!

Gosh! So many news out today, but so little time to digest all of them! Hahhaa… Terus terang gw kewalahan! So sorry guys/girls, gw ga bs taro semua news itu disini… 🙂 Instead, gw cuma bs kasih liat teasers MV nya BoA and Super Junior disini.. And i believe semua org dah liat, but i’m gonna put it here anyway since i LOVE their song so much! ^^

BoA – I Did It  For Love feat. Sean Garret (Teaser)


Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (Teaser)


The funny thing is, both of them from SM Ent and menurut gw keduanya dlm genre yg sama. Lagunya Suju jd kayak ngikutin BoA yg mengambil genre dance buat album US nya. But it’s cool… I like them both! Can’t wait 4 the fuller version is out! Lee Soo Man-ssi pasti senyum lebar liat digit angka di bank nya nambah bny nanti.. Wakakaka…

source: K-bites+Seoullfull


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