Natalie White in Star King Show!

Natalie White aka Pumashock akhirnya dtg jg ke Korea! Baru2 ini dia tampil di acara Star King. Selain omongan dia, gw ga ngerti yg laen ngomong apa.. wakkakaa… But it’s interesting to watch… ^^



Di video yg pertama, plg demen ngeliat reaksinya Natalie yg tersipu2 malu waktu dipertemukan dgn Andy dr Shinhwa… Bahkan dia nyanyi brg ma Andy!! Lucky her…  Ktnya MV artis Korea pertama yg dia liat a/ MV nya SHinhwa…  Di video yg kedua lbh lucu lagi!! Hahaha.. Si Natalie ini centil yah ternyata… But i don’t like her wearing that dress while dancing to ‘Rainism’… Looks weird… o.O

Overall, nih acara bener2 lucu abis!! And Nick Khun from 2PM is so cute~~~~~  Hahaha…. MUST WATCH EVERYBODY!! 😄

source: AllKpop


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