BoA LIVE @Universal Citywalk!


Tgl 21 Maret kmrn BoA perform LIVE di Universal Citywalk Los Angeles. Bny yg hadir disana… And keliatannya dia org lbh sibuk mengabadikan BoA ke dalam kamera ato videocam drpd ikutan jumping2 seiring lagunya. lol… Beda sekali ma perf. Se7en kmrn yg kebanyakan pada berebutan pengen megang entah itu kakinya ato sepatunya ato apalah itu… hahaha…

BoA perform 2 lagu, “Eat You Up” sama “I Did It For Love”. Di kedua perf tsb, doi nyanyi LIVE and dance at the same time lho!! Keren bgt!! Check them out…

all video credit to: iMusicDaily


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3 thoughts on “BoA LIVE @Universal Citywalk!

    • ur welcome~
      ur video’s so clear… and the sound is great!
      too bad that u didn’t zoom in on her… ^^

      i already love BoA’s music since her japanese album.
      so i’m really hoping that she can be success in the US! ^^

      thank u 4 supporting BoA!! ^^

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