TvN World Love Special Part 2

Akhirnya terjawab sudah pertanyaan gw ttg foto diatas… Waktu ngeliat foto diatas u/ pertama kalinya gw bingung… Mang di Jakarta ada gajah?? Eh ternyata dia org pergi ke bonbin!! Hahaha… Pantes waktu itu para fans nyariin Junki and HaNeul tak berbuah hasil… Mereka ternyata setelah check out dr hotel pd tgl 14 Feb kmrn itu dia org pindah lokasi ke sbh villa gt d Puncak… Kyknya sih kejadian nya waktu itu… Soalnya gw bingung ma episode kedua ini.. Agak berantakan urutan videonya… Pertamanya kan Junki and Haneul pake baju kotak2, eh masa ada kejadian dia org pake baju yg sama kayak waktu eps lalu sih… Eh trus balik lagi ke baju kotak2… Bingung… But beside that, semuanya ok…

Please enjoy watching TvN World Special Part II yg tayang kmrn tgl 28 Maret 2009 below. Bagi para stalker yg waktu itu liatin doi disono, gw rekomendasiin video part 5. Watch it and u’ll know why… ^^

Thanks so much to sukijk 4 all the videos~~


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2 thoughts on “TvN World Love Special Part 2

  1. Junki and Hanel, You have inspired me so much today! Your heartful of love in action touched my heart and made me think again about how I should live. Hope this experience you had make you a more mature role models in this tough time. You also made me to think about how God is doing for us. Just like you couldn’t do all and everything for Vicky, Dimas, and Boutri?, just like you could only give them hope and reason for them to choose the right path in their lives, I believe God is similarly doing his work in our life. Thank you so much for a wonderful inspiring program you’ve given us. God bless you all. and Junki I am so amazed by you. You are awesome! Hope I could meet and have a time to talk with you if you come to USA, hopely LA.

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