Junsu Is OK!

Junsu is ok now… Di konser ‘The Secret Code’ mereka di Saitama tgl 9 Mei kmrn, Junsu sudah bs berjalan di atas panggung. Walopun blom bs ikutan nari brg yg laen, tp lmyn lah… Ternyata mang beneran cuma keseleo biasa. No need to worry! 🙂


Di konser ini semua member TVXQ sangat bersemangat! Mereka dpt kekuatan tsb dr para fans mereka tentunya! And they wrote a thank u note bout the concert…

Thank you email (东方神起)

We’re TVXQ.

Saitama is incredible.

First of all, we’re surprised as the audiences are way more than last year.
Also, we’re struck in surprise by your hot cheer
We’re so impressed T_T

Really, thank you (^ ^)

Tomorrow we’ll encourage more power!
v (^ o ^) v

source: dnbn

credit: Sharingyoochun


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