airport special fashion show! [updated : help GD!]

g dragon

Hai hai hai epribadiii……..

Ridhabee balik lagi untuk mengotori jagat Pop’inAsia *halah*..

Seperti yang kita semua udah tahu, artis korea selalu tampil luar biasa kapanpun dan dimanapun mereka berada, termasuk di bandara.

Baru-baru ini, netizens korea yang super duper hebat itu memilih artis yang paling stylish ketika di bandara, dan yang terpilih sebagai pemenang adalah……….. *drumroll*

Abang G-DRAGON, sang leader yang penuh kontroversi itu! ow yeah

Saya sih setuju banget, karena gaya si abang selalu bombastis dan fantastis,mengguncang dan menggemparkan seperti biasa..GD is totally a BIG BANG!

lihat sendiri buktinya :

g dragon

g dragon

g dragon

Setuju kan? ayo tepuk tangan buat GD! hehe

Ngomong-ngomong soal GD, baru-baru ini, Aimee Lee Lucas yang jadi lawan main GD dlm “adegan ranjang” yang bikin heboh korea itu memberikan pendapatnya dalam wawancara dengan“youoffendmeyouoffendmyfamily”

“I was shocked when I heard what was happening … We performed two shows on a Saturday and Sunday. All the VIPs and big people came out on Saturday and no one said anything. During rehearsals, no one told us we were going too far and should hold back. So the reaction was surprising.”

“When I became the lead dancer opposite Tae Yang, people joked with me that they were surprised I wasn’t dead … [and] that the fans didn’t come after me with pitchforks for doing what they all dreamed of doing with him.”

“At the meeting, G-Dragon had pretty much the same idea to do something around a stand-up bed … He likes to let loose and push boundaries. Everyone agreed so that’s what we worked on.

There was no humping … If you watch the [footage], the whole bit lasts only a few seconds. He straddles me for a bit, we do some ‘acting’ and then we’re done. I had to lift myself [on the stand-up bed] and hang there and support all my body weight with my arms. I could only do that for a couple of seconds so there wasn’t any time to do any humping.”

Jadi intinya, pengadilan yang nuntut GD itu cuma agak lebay-lebay bergembira aja, padahal kan sebenernya tindakan bang GD ga parah2 amat, ya kan? ya kan? *smoga ga ada org korea yg baca ini*V^^

Satu-satunya yang bisa fans lakukan sekarang hanyalah menunggu putusan pengadilan, semoga pengadilan berpikir cukup matang dengan memutuskan untuk tidak memenjarakan abang GD..
best wishes 4 him..Mari kita berdo’a bareng-bareng.


finally GD akan bicara  tentang perasaannya tentang kasus ini, jadi sebagai VIP yang baik mari kita tunjukkan support terhadap GD

jadi mulai jam 2 waktu korea dan jam 12 waktu indonesia bagian barat, mari nge tweet iSupportGD sebanyak-banyaknya.

and I have to stop here,

best regards
C.U 🙂

*update by noizumi*

GD akhirnya bicara mengenai kasus yg menimpanya, berikut pernyataannya…

I’m a popular artist for the public. I believe in how the public judges me. It’s my fault if the public felt what I intended was too much or too inappropriate. But it wasn’t a concert that was aired to the public so I wanted to show a more fierce and memorable side. I’m so sad that things weren’t accepted the way I intended them to be accepted.

I really ran straight forward to get to this solo concert since I was a young kid. I might be saying this because I’m still young but after the concert I thought to myself, “I don’t want anything else.” But then the next day, I only saw criticism on the internet so my heart felt like it was breaking.

A fake laugh came out instead of tears as I asked myself, “Wherever I go, will I be criticized?” All I wanted was to show the audience various sides of me. I showed many images of myself during my performances, including a cheerful look and a cool look; why was only this part highlighted and made into an incident? The press articles of the media used such strong words in the headlines, and when I realized that my parents would see the articles, I felt embarrassed and disappointed.

I didn’t think too much. But I wish people wouldn’t judge so quickly and pessimistically. The song Breathe is about not wanting to wake up because your ideal type keeps appearing in your dream. The song has a fantasy theme so I wanted to use the bed to show someone who’s lost in his dreams. To the public, it came off as something too sexual. I thought to myself, “I’m not like that but I guess it seemed that way to people.”

Whether people give positive or negative comments, they are taking interest in me. If someone tells me I did something wrong, I take it as a comment to help me fix my ways. I’ll listen to what everyone’s saying and use it to help improve the next album. I’ll do my best with the Big Bang album coming out later this year.

source : omg KPOP, allkpop,BBVIP@twitter

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