Lee Seung Gi is chosen as the Most Caring Father!

Huah, ngeliat picsnya Lee Seung Gi diatas aja udah cucok banget ya sama judul post kali ini, ada aura ke-bapak-an nya gitu deh 😀
Yap, seperti biasa orang-orang korea emang rajin bikin polling (dan kadang-kadang suka aneh-aneh xD), dan kali ini mereka bikin poll dengan judul “The male singer who would best help with postpartum care” (postpartum = keadaan seorang ibu yang baru melahirkan).

Yak, dan bisa dilihat dari hasil polling tsb, Lee Seung Gi is chosen as the most caring daddy :D.  Banyak yang berkomentar seperti ini :
“Seeing Lee Seung Gi’s generally calm image, I’d pick him as my first pick”
“Is there anyone else who is softer and calmer than Lee Seung Gi himself?”
“Lee Seung Gi is someone who would even have morning sickness in place of the wife”
“Maybe it’s because he played a father of a baby in a drama before, but I’m already used to that image.”

Nah, jadi Seung Gi dipilih karena imagenya yang gentle, kalem dan lemah lembut. And I’m agree with that^^

Anyway, here’s the top 5 of the poll result :
1. Lee Seung Gi (45% – 685 suara)

2. 2PM’s Nichkhun (25% – 386 suara)

3. Beast’s Doo Joon (16% – 245 suara)

4. Sung Shi Kyung (8% – 156 suara)

5. 2AM’s Im Seulong (6% – 78 suara)

what do you think about the poll result? ^^

source : allkpop


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